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I found myself getting into videography as a way to relive my outdoor adventures. In my opinion there's no better way to tell a hunting story than letting someone watch it as it unfolds. After getting my feet wet on the production side of things, we locally launched ' Keystone Wild Outdoors '.  A Pennsylvania based hunting show, at first airing digitally but quickly expanding to the pursuit channel. Running a out of pocket operation left little room for outside expenses such as a producer or video editor. I always took a interest in computers and how to create things on them. With alittle grit, late nights, and long weekends I was able to teach myself the basics of a PC based program called Camtasia and we successfully aired our first 13 week season. Since then I haven't broke stride, producing over 300 outdoor tv shows and 80+ national tv commercials. I've been behind the lens on countless successful big game hunts freelancing. And as of 2021 I've been blessed to pursue my passion full-time joining the legend Phillip Vanderpool on The Virtue TV.  I started Steve Rocco Media as a additional outlet to expand internally and externally. " I wanna be taking wedding photos on friday and filming a turkey hunt on Saturday". I'm driven by a great work ethic and love of the creation process from start to finish. Steve Rocco Media is a company you can count on to showcase your company, tv show, product, or anything in-between!



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